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There are many children in this world who are in need of loving families.  And, there are many caring adults who have a world of love to give.  The trend toward transracial adoption has allowed these individuals to find each other and live fuller, happier lives.

Transracial adoption is the joining of parents and children of different races.  A child of one ethnic background is placed with a caring family of another heritage.  In the United States, where racial intolerance continues to be a problem, this process is rather crudely referred to as the "placement of children of color from another country with Caucasian adoptive parents".

Origins of Transracial Adoption

In the 1940s, when wars ravaged Asian countries, many children were abandoned, orphaned or separated from their parents.  Many Americans took these children into their homes, thus creating the types of unions that are now referred to as "transracial adoptions".  Many of these American families were not childless, but had biological children of their own.  These caring individuals chose to open their homes to children in need, thus enhancing their families.

Some reports suggest that the first transracial adoption placements to occur in substantial numbers took place in the United States following the World War II, when many children of Chinese and Japanese origin were place with American families.  After the Korean War in the 1950s, Americans began to welcome Korean children into their homes.  In the late 1960s and early 1970s there was another increase in the number of children adopted by white parents, but it is said that this trend was reversed as concerns were raised by African-American social workers.

More Love to Give

There are many reasons why people choose to adopt transracially.  Some surveys have revealed that those who consider or choose transracial adoption feel connected to a certain race or ethnic group through their ancestry.  Others have adopted children from different race because of their personal experiences in travel or while serving in the military.  Some simply choose transracial adoption as a way to reach out to children in need.  These individuals have a lot of love to share, regardless of the race or origin of the child.

Preparing for Adoption

Getting ready to adopt any child should be conducted with the ultimate degree of consideration.  It is absolutely necessary that prospective parents be fully prepared for all aspects of parenthood, as well as the particular challenges that may be associated with transracial adoption.  With careful and thorough preparation, parents will fully understand the issues and controversies involved with the process.  If you are considering transracial adoption, take the time to be prepared.  Give equal consideration to the challenges, as well as the joys that you will experience.  Study adoption laws and regulations.

The most important thing to understand about transracial adoption is that despite the odds or challenges, your adopted child will thrive in the love that you give.
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