Tips for Improving Your Home and Your Family
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So many people are hesitant to take on home improvements.  Many are afraid of the costs involved, others are afraid of the work.  Some homeowners are simply afraid of change.  Truth is, all it takes is a little cash and a touch of effort to increase the beauty and the value of your home.

Taking on a home improvement project should be seen as a real investment.  You're not only creating a better place to live, but also increasing the value of your property.   The biggest mistake that homeowners make is jumping into projects without proper planning.  For your home improvement to be effective, and profitable in the long run, you must have a specific plan in place.  Spend your time and money wisely, and spread your available resources over a period of time.  The "three percent theory" is a good rule of thumb.  It allows for two percent to three percent of annual income to be set aside for home improvements.   

While you are making an investment in your property, you realize the immediate benefit of living in a better environment.  There are many different ways that you can enhance your home.  Interior and exterior decorating is the first are that comes to mind.  Adding new furniture and accessories is a quick and easy fix.  Larger projects can include designing a garden, building an addition or adding a sunroom.  All of these home improvements can easily enhance the value and beauty of your home.  

The following guide to home improvements can help you set a reasonable budget for your time and money.


Home decorating, like painting and wallpapering, are considered to be superficial improvements meant to last a few years.  Don't invest too much money into expensive paints and designer wall coverings, because you'll likely be changing the colors and themes in two or three years.  While these improvements will bring immediate gratification, they are based on your ever-changing individual tastes.  Your decorating budget should be minimal.  


The right furniture can make or break the appearance of your home.  Don't invest a lot of money into buying trendy furniture that will look outdated in five years.  Choose furniture styles, fabrics, colors, textures, and designs that will enhance the features of your home without becoming dated too quickly.  Furniture should play an important role in your personal guide to home improvements, as long as you're investing it wisely.  Consider using a variety of different designs and patterns to create interest.

Outdoor Living

The time that you spend outside your home is just as important as the time spend indoors.  Many people use their yards for cooking, entertaining and simply relaxing, so this area deserves your attention to detail.  Gardens can create glamour, interest and peaceful relaxing, while enhancing the value of your property.  People love the tranquility of gardens.  Plan your outdoor areas wisely, with neat paths covered in brick, stone or wood to prevent outdoor wanderers tracking dirt through the house.

Depending on where you live, your deck can play an important role in entertaining, so invest the time and money into building a beautiful deck or patio that will be useful and attractive for many years.  The finishing touch to creating your ideal outdoor living space is landscaping.  When done right, landscaping can be used to reflect the entire mood of your home, whether free and flowing or formal and finished.  Good landscaping will last for years; so don't hesitate to spend a little more for lasting beauty.

Adding On

If you've outgrown your home, or simply want more out of, you may not need to pick up and move. Building an addition onto your home can give you the extra room that you need.  If you're wishing for a private study, an extra bedroom or another bathroom, think of the ways that you can build up or out to make it happen.  Look up, and see if a loft extension can be the inexpensive alternative you need for that otherwise wasted space.  A well-built loft can really maximize the value of your entire home.  Adding a sunroom or conservatory to your home is not only fun, but also adds considerably to your property's worth.

Now that you have a general overview of just some of the ways you can upgrade your home, visit your bookstore or library and pick up a proper guide to home improvements.  You'll find ways to bring up the value, and bring out the best, in your home.  It can be easier, and less expensive, than you think.
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